The Wife Between Us, Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

The Wife Between Us sounds simple and straightforward. We jump between the POVs of Vanessa, the ex and Nellie, the shiny new fiancé and already I’m interested.

“I was happy, I think, but I wonder now if my memory is playing tricks on me. If it is giving me the gift of an illusion. We all layer them over our remembrances; the filters through which we want to see our lives.”

Nellie, young and naïve is clearly running from something and falls straight into the loving arms of Richard. Vanessa, jaded and broken knows all too well what Richard is capable of but can’t keep her obsession with him and his new bride at bay.

As Nellie prepares for her wedding and starts to settle into her new life with Richard all seems well. But she’s getting random calls, feels like someone is following her and can’t seem to escape her nightmares. Richard insists he will keep her safe though so Nellie dives head first into their relationship trusting him completely…

“Even when I’m not there, I’m always with you.”

Meanwhile Vanessa’s life is unravelling by the day. Her separation from Richard left her with nothing, he got the house, the car, the money. She was left in pieces, emotionally unstable, struggling to hold down a job and living at her aunts with secret bottles of wine stashed in the cupboard.

But Vanessa has found something to hold onto, something to give her purpose again… the new wife. She must save her and stop the wedding at all costs.

The Wife Between Us is a fantastic read. Jumping between dual POVs gives us an understanding into the different perspectives but also highlights distrust in our narrators as things begin to not add up. It creates suspense like nothing else. You can feel it coming and building up slowly and then you’re served with twist after twist that will leave you so enthralled in the happenings. 

How did we get here?
What’s going to happen?
You’ll want to know so badly you won’t be able to put it down.

Wonderful, eerie, fascinating, suspenseful. It’s everything.

“I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship.” 

The major twist we are served with builds up for a long time. Given when reading these books, I’m always trying to guess what happens, I did consider something along the lines of the first big twist, but I discounted it as I couldn’t see how/didn’t think it would work.

I was wrong, it works so well and from there it just got better and better and I was pleasantly surprised.


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