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Luna and the Lie, Mariana Zapata

Mariana Zapata, Queen of the slow burn does it again. 4.9 Stars, and only because Kulti will forever and always be my favourite.

I always wait with bated breath for Mariana Zapata’s books. I wish they were released more often but I guess if they were they wouldn’t be as special. (Kind of like if it was Christmas everyday).

“You gave me these pieces of you I know you haven’t given to anybody else, and they’re mine. You can’t take ’em back. I need them more than you do, you hear me?”

Luna and the Lie does not disappoint. It follows Zapata’s usual style of a gruff hero, a tough can deal with shit heroine and a long, tantalisingly slow friends to lovers romance. Again this is a long book and we have to wait until the end to we finally get the HEA, but I love it.

“You want to meet someone to be your best friend and your fucking partner? I’m right fucking here, baby girl.”

One thing I really appreciate about MZ’s books is the importance placed on friendship and being there for those you care about. There’s not mistaking lust for love here.

“you’ve never even had a girlfriend.”
“So? Want me to lie and tell you I’ve had a couple dozen? Or you good with knowing it’ll only be you?”

I’ve read some reviews saying that the romance comes together at the end of MZ’s books to fast, but I see and love the romance in all the little conversations, actions, looks and more along the way, even when the characters are really just friends, so when that first kiss happens I’m all about it!

“Because I love the shit out of you, girl, and those two weeks when you were acting like you were done with me were some of the worst days of my life.” 

Luna and the Lie is most similar to Under Locke so if that was a winner for you get ready for another 5 star slam!

“You’re too young. You’re too sweet. You’re too good for me. But I’m done standing around trying to suck up all the goodness you make me feel without you even knowing, Luna. You are my girl. Just you. Nobody else ever has or will be.”

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