Naughty Stranger, Stacey Kennedy

Thankyou to NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Naughty Stranger is a fun romance with a touch of sadness and a twist of murder mystery.

Peyton, having recently lost her husband in a surprising and tragic car accident flees to a small town hoping to start a fresh without the memories of her old life sinking her down. She immediately makes a friend in the local bar owner and a potential man friend in the town cop who she just can’t stop thinking about.

But Peyton resolves she needs to let her heart heal more before jumping into something knew. But fate has other plans when her shop becomes a murder scene and her life gets thrown into turmoil that only he can protect her from.

I was going into this expecting a light romance and found this book has a lot packed into it. There are car accidents, murder attempts and other crimes, failed marriages, widows, plenty of sexiness and a whole lot of action. On the one hand it was exciting and went pretty fast, but on the other the amount of stuff going on meant the story doesn’t delve to deep into the issues.

I liked the small town vibes going on and the fast friends made in all the side characters. Of course with a plot this busy there is a fair amount that is a bit on the dramatic side which gives the story a bit of that feel when you watch a tv series set in a small town and you can’t believe all this stuff happens! It was a bit of cheesy fun.

This is a great one to pick up if you want your romance with a side of extra plots. Though I have to say… I don’t quite get the title in relation to the story?

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