Kickin’ It, Rachel Van Dyken

Thank you NetGalley for the ARC.

Kickin’ It is a fun, wild, novel about a struggling female football player and an uber rich and successful sports agent that mixes forbidden love with a huge hit of sports romance.

Matt Kingston doesn’t want to help Parker, he doesn’t want to be drawn to her, her gorgeous looks, her crazy talent, or her broken spirit. But he is. Parker doesn’t want to fall for Matt and his charms as she knows all too well what can happen when you relinquish that kind of power to a superior.

Kickin’ It is full of crazy energy and loads of drama. Parker is pretty clearly absolutely broken by past trauma which is apparent from the beginning. They both struggle for a long time with their growing feelings and the result is a hell of a lot of angst. If that’s your jam, you’ll love Kickin’ It. They’re loud, and surrounded by just as loud crazy friends making for a wild and high emotion ride, is it hate, is it love, is it both?

Unfortunately for me angst isn’t totally my jam so whilst I enjoyed the story I did find the craziness a bit hard to deal with by the end of the book. Matt and Parker were pretty level with each other most of the time which was great and enjoyable to read, but when things kicked off (especially as they were getting to know each other) they kicked off. For this reason the side characters also felt pretty one dimensionally crazy loud annoying trope characters for me so that distracted from the main story in my case.

Matt also took so long to clue into the fact that Parker was clearly suffering from a recent traumatic experience and it left me feeling like he was a bit blinded by her looks. Though when he worked it out he was so sweet.

Things came together with both Matt and Parker fighting for each others, happiness and dreams and I loved the resolution to their wild ride of a story.

If you’re one for angst, then high recommendation and even if you aren’t like me I’d still give it a shot! – nice soccer pun for the end there ;).


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