Sex, Not Love, Vi Keeland

Like, Not Love. I pushed through this one after putting it down 2 chapters in. I am glad I gave it another chance as it did pick up and started to go into a different direction than I was anticipating.

“I’m glad you’re back to your normal, perverted self. That half hour you practiced self control was awful.” 

For me the main problem with Sex, Not Love was that there was too much going on. It felt like there were two storylines fighting for attention and unfortunately for me it meant that both of them were weak.

I would have liked to see much more of Nat’s home life. We find out quite early on she has custody of her step daughter and their relationship I found very interesting and I would have loved to have seen a more time dedicated to the resolution of the related plot.

“Life isn’t about the big win. It’s about the person you call first to tell that you’ve won.” 

Similarly Hunter’s plot is quite complicated and we actually spend a lot of time in his past with his previous love. This feels a bit strange, being with him while he is wooing and loving a woman who is not out main character.

Overall quite good but not the best I’ve read from Vi Keeland. I loved Egomaniac! 


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