Thrive (Addicted #2.5), Krista and Becca Ritchie

So far the Addicted/Calloway Sisters series has seen each book follow almost directly after the other. Some had a little gap some literally started 5 mins later. Thrive, the 3rd in the Addicted series (no idea why the authors labelled in #2.5 except to confuse everyone) goes back to the start of Kiss the Sky and spans through to the end of Hothouse Flower.

So basically it is a retelling of not one, but TWO books from different POVS. I’m not really a fan of those and if I had realised going in I probably would have been more hesitant. Realistically though it wasn’t too bad as there were enough events that were new and not included in the preceding books, plus you also need to read all the books in this series or things would get confusing. These books are long and a lot happens so don’t skip any. Also don’t read on if you haven’t read Kiss the Sky or Hothouse Flower.

“Our love is rare. It’s one I can’t abandon, even if I tried. When she screams, an identical one rips through me. When she cries, my world rains with grief. When she loves, I truly, truly fly.”

Thrive follows Lily and Lo as they trudge along battling their addictions while trying to regain some semblance of privacy in their lives. This is tough as no one trusts them, and rightly so given they have spent most of their lives being selfish, lying to each other and everyone around them and hiding their addictions at all cost. It’s made even more difficult again by the fact that Lily’s sex addiction is not something that can be realistically cured cold turkey. Where does the line exist between normal sex and addiction driven compulsive sex?

“The perseverance to do anything, to be anything. To thrive. Someday, that word will belong to us too. After years of coming up short, it’s all I’ve ever wanted.”

In previous books we see things from the other POVs. We see Lily and Lo having loads of sex, we see them sneaking around. We see Lo relapse and essentially force Ryke into breaking his sobriety. We see Lo crumble over Ryke and Daisy’s potential relationship and accusations that his father accused him. We see Lily struggle with getting pregnant.

“But we’re in Earth-616, love. We’re going to have our happy ending. It just may take us awhile to get there.”

Now we see it all from Lily and Lo’s POV. As I was saying there are also enough events that we haven’t really gotten a proper perspective of. Thrive fills in a lot of the gaps with what’s happening with LiLo during these two years and helps you to understand a lot more of why the act like they do in these key scenes.

“It’s a good kind of yes. The best kind. One filled with a thousand I love yous, the type of love that can make you fly.”

I really struggled again with the sex addiction aspect of this book as it comes across a lot like they are sinking back into the enabling state of their relationship, but it does get a bit better when it becomes more justified by them trying to get back to normal. I also didn’t really consider that they now have built up an extremely high sex drive/tolerance for sex that four times a day is not that weird for them, though it is weird for everyone else involved!

“I’m going to love Lily how I want to love her. Overwhelmingly, uncompromisingly. Look away if you have to.”

In the end I didn’t mind this book, though not sure how necessary it was to be this long… maybe it could have incorporated the next book which is also a LiLo book and used flashbacks? Or spanned longer an only have the first half being a retelling? Anyway on we go!

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