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Fix Her Up (Hot & Hammered #1), Tessa Bailey

Fix Her Up was my first, but won’t be my last Tessa Bailey novel. This cute story had a great recipe to make an adorable little rom com-esque romance.

Our girl, who is a little quirky, has a weird job and doesn’t pay much attention to how she looks, has always been in love with her older brothers’ best friend. He treated her like a sister before going off to make it as a baseball star. But now a career-ending industry has brought him back and put him in a funk that only one person can bring him out of.

“She’d set out on a sneaky mission to make Travis believe in himself, but he’d slowly been doing the same for her. They’d been doing it for each other, hadn’t they?”

Both Georgie and Travis need some renovating, in work, in love, in life, to help give them the fresh start they are after. Together they help each other reach their goals and try not to fall in love in the process.

“What you’ve done for me, baby girl . . . bringing me out of the dark? It’s a miracle. Not a thing. You’re a miracle.”

Filled with some great banter, people and house make overs, Fix Her Up was right up my alley. I loved the brothers best friend angle and the strong foundation that their relationship was built on and I’m always a sucker for a fake dating trope with a healthy side of should we/shouldn’t we angst.

“Seriously, Travis was the reason she couldn’t hear “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” without getting horny.”

I particularly liked how Travis fit into Georgie’s family dynamic and started without realising it, to be on her side when she was being picked on as the runt of the family. I come from a relatively big family, that’s loud and crazy so when this features in a book I am here for it.

“Dammit, Georgie. You had to be exactly what I need, didn’t you?”

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