The Au Pair, Emma Rous

Unfortunately for me, The Au Pair was only alright… which I’m not enjoying saying.

I had high hopes for The Au Pair which tells the story of a family who live on a country estate shrouded in rumours and mystery.

Seraphine Meyers has no photos of herself as a child. In fact, there’s none of her and her twin brother and that’s just a fact she’s grown up with, as on the day they were born, their mother took her life jumping off the cliffs at their home.

But why?

You will eventually find out.

Th Au Pair is full of all the classic messed-up-family tropes, unreliable characters, mysterious deaths, erratic behaviour, secrets and much more.

I liked the family aspect to the drama, the love but also the distrust that ran through them all. It felt a bit like an old manor drama or trying to figure out the ending in Cluedo.

As things started to unfold, I had fun hypothesizing all possible outcomes and working out what happened on that fateful day. There were elements I figured out, but not everything which is good, though I’d prefer to be completely blindsided!

It all seemed to come to a head quite fast though for a story that was pretty slow in the build-up. It jumped between the past and the present, so it felt like following along two slow stories which were heading towards the same crescendo. A fast wrap up is relatively typical for most mysteries however because the lead up was so drawn out, and jumped between the past and the present, the end felt a bit rushed and unsatisfying for me.

I did enjoy it on the whole, it just wasn’t a mystery that blew my mind and blindsided me.

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