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99 Percent Mine, Sally Thorne

I had such high hopes for 99 Percent Mine as I loved The Hating Game. But it was just a huge disappointment for me. 99 Percent Mine tells the story of Darcy, bad ass chick with a heart condition that has always been and always will be in love with her and her twin brothers... Continue Reading →

Faker, Sarah Smith

I was really hoping Faker would be a huge winner for me. That cute cover and the fact that I also work in construction, a male dominated industry had me thinking this could be right up my alley, unfortunately it let me down. We follow Emmie, self-proclaimed “faker” who hates her gorgeous but assholey co-worker.... Continue Reading →

October 2019 Wrap Up

Another month of reading down and it was big one for me! Milestone this month with me passing 100 books for the year! Yay! I read 12 books this month, but I had about a week off reading which messed me round for my goals! My favourite book this month: Bringing Down the Duke, Evie... Continue Reading →

Normal People, Sally Rooney

I’ve heard and read very mixed reviews of Sally Rooneys, Normal People. So of course, I am adding mine to the pile. “Most people go through their whole lives, without ever really feeling that close with anyone.” I’ve seen some saying you’ll either hate it or love it, and whilst I didn’t fall into either... Continue Reading →

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