Love Her or Lose Her (Hot & Hammered #2), Tessa Bailey

The sequel to Fix Her Up did not let me down, in fact, I actually liked thus one better! Yay! Love Her or Lose her tells the story of Dom and his wife Rosie. Dom works with Travis at the construction company and Rosie helped form the Just Us League from the previous book. That’s the main tie in and we do have Travis and Georgie and the other recurring characters make appearances, so I am a happy Chappy. We also meet the characters for the next in the series!


This is a great, second chance romance that had me happy and sad at the same time.

If there was anything in this world worth fighting for, it was his wife.

We begin with Rosie finally making the tough decision to end her marriage to her high school sweetheart. Dom is super surprised, he thought they were fine! Not prepared to let their marriage go down without a fight, he convinces Rosie to give him a chance and marriage counselling is her condition.

As they complete the counselling, we, Rosie and Dom learn there is more going in their broken marriage and it will take a lot of heart to fix it.

I’ll do anything you ask me to do,” he said in a gravelly voice. “Except walk away.”

I really liked these characters, Rosie is sweet and caring, and whilst she’s stubborn, she’s not bitchy. She is genuinely hurt by it already to fight for what she needs. Dom just broke my heart, first he’s left, then he starts to realise he hasn’t been happy since he returned from deployment and for the first time, he admits he’s lost.

It felt so warm and happy reading along as these great people reconnected, encouraged each other and fell in love all over again. I liked that the faults of both of them are addressed and it’s not as simple as we initially think.

“You’re going to rule this world, just like you rule mine.”

Split between point of view, it’s interesting to read the same situations from each of them and see how based on what they need and feel, they interpret things differently.

Having the side characters back and all up in their business was great, they’re a fun bunch to read and make it more interesting and there were enough funny moments that the story felt light.

What I would have liked to see from this is more airtime and depth into Dom, his military time, and subsequent issues. It felt a bit one note and not given enough importance considering that was a source of a lot of their issues. There was a few heat-of-the-moment revelations but no real conversation about it all and I think that was a missed opportunity to give the novel more depth.

“You shine,” Dominic said gruffly. “So bright.” Rosie twined their fingers together. “We shine together.”

Another winning book in this series and looking good for the third to join the club!

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