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Tweet Cute, Emma Lord

Tweet Cute has popped up on a lot of anticipated books lists recently. And to be honest, that is all I knew about this book before I began it, other than the fact that the cover is super cute which always sucks me in. To my surprise it’s a YA novel – I haven’t read one in quite a while.

The story follows Pepper and Jack who when managing their family owned restaurants twitter accounts, fine themselves in a twitter war over a grilled cheese sandwich recipe.

“They’re here for your grilled cheese,” I told her.
“Not unless you’ve changed my secret ingredient to cocaine, they’re not.”

Pepper and Jack go to the same school, he’s the class clown and she’s the nerdy good girl. This school has an app that lets students change anonymously before randomly revealing their identities to each other. So, in addition to being in a twitter war, they are also secret pen pals, and getting to know each other in real life when they get tuck together for swim/dive tram fundraising.

Sound confusing? Yes, yes it is.

They are having about four different relationships at once for at least half the book and it’s a lot. Everything starts to come out one by one so it’s bam, bam, bam! This is probably the one down side of the book for me. It could have worked with just the app complication, or just the twitter war, just as well – maybe better!

Funnily enough, that being said I really enjoyed the story, the characters and the plot. It was just super fun and light and sweet and CUTE!

“You know, for someone named Pepper, you’re pretty salty about losing.”

Pepper is dealing with enormous high school pressure, running a blog, divorced parents and much more, while Jack is struggling with living in the shadow of his golden child twin, running the secret app and the pressure of his parents deciding his future for him.

They’re characters were likeable, reasonable and felt true to what a teenager might be going through.

“All right. No taking it personally. And no holding back …. Let the games begin.”

Their twitter war situation was a bit far-fetched… but absolutely hilarious. And the way the grilled cheese sandwich saga unravelled was pretty interesting.

There were enjoyable side plots and more at stake than just young love. It was cute but not overly sappy and didn’t bite off more than it could chew in terms of making of love story that was ridiculous and unbelievable for teenagers to be part of.

I feel like this would make a great Netflix movie, especially being set on the upper east side and with an anonymous school app. There’s a whole in my heart that Gossip Girl left… unfortunately these characters aren’t as bitchy or dramatic but there is definitely room for the fashion and the mysterious posting.

I’m not mad I picked this one up at all and look forward to reading what Emma Lord brings out next.

This book I used for one of my many challenge prompts this year!

It made my Popsugar list – check out my progress here!

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  1. I was going to read Tweet Cute for the pun prompt too but then I ended up reading something else! Wow, this sounds a lot more complicated than I thought it’d be and now I can see how some people really didn’t like it 😂 I’m still curious and plan to read it though. Great review!


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