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Right (Wrong #2), Jana Aston

Right by Jana Aston is the second book in the Wrong series. It follows the happenings of Everly, who we meet in the first book and overlaps it somewhat so we get some answers to what the hell she was up to during that time.

“He smells good. Why does he have to smell good? I’m so annoyed. He’s got a hint of stubble across his jaw and I find myself wondering what that would feel like pressed against my neck. Stop thinking. I need to stop thinking. Or start thinking about something else. Like orphaned kangaroos.”

Everly is yet another fantastic character, totally batshit crazy in the best possible way. She knows what she wants, and shoe goes after it with a tenacity that is both impressive and scary. She’s constantly being told she’s too much and it’s not until she meets Sawyer that she finally knows that sometimes “too much” is just right.

“There’s a hint of a smirk on his face that makes me want to punch him, or watch porn with him. I’m not sure which and it confuses me.”

Sawyer is the brother of Everly’s soul mate… well the person she is convinced is her soul mate. This basically sets us up for a lot of laughs and Sawyer going after Everly is true Everly stalker fashion. Everly resists it with all she has, but in the end gives up and jumps into the wild ride that includes many hilarious moments and a few complications. They pretty much are the perfect match and super cute to read about.

As with the first in this series, I just wanted more of everything. More complications, dramas, and romance. Higher stakes and a longer book. Basically as with Wrong, I liked everything so give it to me at the max please.

“It’s okay to rewrite your happily ever after, Everly. Sometimes the right guy is the one you never see coming.”

This definitely was just as good as the first book for me, hitting the same mark and still including those characters that we’ve come to know and love.

I’m really looking forward to the next two books, knowing now who the next sets of couples are going to be.

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  1. I can definitely sense the bat shit craziness from those quotes 😂 I’m totes a fan of a quirky heroine and Everly sounds like she fits the bill in every way. Can this be read as a standalone or would you rec reading the first book beforehand?

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    1. Yes I love those characters! This is one of those series where each person in the group gets their love story, so it could be read as a standalone. It would make sense, but it does reference things that have happened in the first book so going back and reading that after might not be as fun!


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