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Ain’t She Sweet, Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Ain’t She Sweet was a real quick read for me. I smashed through it in one sitting and unfortunately not because I loved it but more because I wanted to get through it really. This was really a shame for me as I love pretty much all of this authors books and have 5 starred a whole lot of them.

This one follows Sugar Beth, the town bitch, who after a hard life has returned back to her home to a flurry frosty reception. No one is glad to see her return and she doesn’t want to be there either, but she needs to earn some money and pack up her deceased aunties carriage house so she doesn’t really have a choice.

“We’re all works in progress, honey. And believe me when I tell you that I’ve had to work harder than most.”

I didn’t mine Sugar Beth as a character. She is tough and hardened by life but still quite funny and accepting of her flaws and past mistakes. She was probably my favourite part of this novel and although I got frustrated I did want to know how it all wrapped up for her.

Sugar Beth basically has had an effect on everyone in the town and all of them are wanting to make her pay. First of all this kind of annoyed me because even though she was awful to a lot of people, she was also 16 and they’re in their 30’s acting awfully so hmmmm cancels out for me. Secondly, we find out pretty early on that the main girl Sugar Beth bullied was he dad’s illegitimate daughter who he loved while emotionally abusing Sugar Beth. So again I can see how a 16 year old would act out about that but the adult who was loved by her father and just jealous that Sugar Beth was more popular was not getting my sympathy much.

“When that bastard calls back, you tell him he’s won this round. I’ll marry him. But I don’t take well to being blackmailed, and tell him I intend to spend the rest of my life making him miserable, got that?”

There is also a whole deal where her half sister is now married to her ex boyfriend and she is annoyed about the whole thing and it just got a bit much. I wasn’t loving pretty much any of the side characters.

So this small town novel was full of weird and annoying people that just made me feel like they all needed to get out of there and see the world and get over petty shit that happened years ago and has really not affected their lives.

Onto the next novel and hope it’s a winner again!

“If you were a sane woman, I would, of course, behave in a more rational fashion. Since you are a lunatic, however, this is the only way.”

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