You Deserve Each Other, Sarah Hogle

You deserve each other was a fresh breath of air for me in the sometimes overcrowded enemies to loves romance sub genre. I often say enemies to lovers is not my favourite. I love reading banter between couples but when it gets a bit to spiteful and petty yeah fun turns sour for me. I haven’t really had my mind changed on this, but every now and then a book comes along with elements of this that I love. And this was one of those books.

The main thing I think I enjoyed here was the different on premise from your typical hate to love novel.

“Enjoy your Thanksgiving!” he calls over his shoulder.
“You two are assholes!” she calls back. “You deserve each other.”
I send her a thumbs-up. “Thanks!”

Here we meet Naomi and Nicholas on one of their first dates, full of hope for the future and smitten with each other. Cut to the present day and they are engaged, but with every passing day they despise each other more.

I thought this was very clever as although we are presented with a couple that appear to hate each other and are constantly trading jabs. We know there is, or at least was a foundation of love there and for me it made all the difference.

“Relearning you has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

So on this journey we’re finding out what went wrong? And how are they going to fix it? It was a great plot and had steady but realistic pacing. Their pranks start to change as their perspective on how the other feels changes. We’re reading this from only Naomi’s point of view and I love how I went from thinking all the problems were Nicholas’s fault, then thinking Naomi was to blame, the realising they both played a part in their issues. We also take our time in rebuilding this connection, it wasn’t all “ah I hate you” and then 5 minutes later sex sex sexy time, which so many of these enemies to lovers books are.

“I’m a miserable cynic (a newer development) and a dreamy romantic (always have been), and it’s such a terrible combination that I don’t know how to tolerate myself.”

Both Naomi and Nicholas are great characters. Naomi, a self confessed basic bitch is happy with the simple life on her small town. She just wants a steady job with nice people and to be independently financially stable. She’s been rejected by so many people in her life, she just wants someone to love her and think she’s worth something. Nicholas is the opposite, being told what to do all his life, he wants someone to see the real him. And for once, have less pressure and responsibility pushed upon him, instead giving it freely to those he chooses and spending the rest of his time indulging simple life pleasures he was previously denied.

“Misery loves company, after all. If I’m going to be thinking vindictive thoughts all night, I might as well drag him down into the trenches with me.”

Our side characters were pretty one dimensional, but hilarious and combined, all did their job to keep our main couple in the perfect situations and the plot moving.

Overall this book was the pleasant surprise that got me out of my latest reading slump and gave me exactly what I didn’t know I was looking for.

“We’re going to have to choose each other, over and over, and be each other’s champion, never letting ourselves forget the good whenever we’re stuck in a patch of bad.”

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