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POPSUGAR Reading Challenge 2020 – Update #5

This is my fifth update for my Popsugar reading challenge and we are well and truly half way through the year!

I’m really going to have to focus to get this done, and of course I’ve left all the big daunting books for the more difficult prompts last../

Are you doing this challenge? If you are link it below in the comments!

If you don’t know what this is. It’s a book reading challenge. The rules are pretty simple, just read a book for each prompt and you can read about them and all the other intro stuff here.

Without further ado, the books I’ve read recently!

“about a book club”

This sequel to The Bromance Book Club was even better than the first book for me. Part romance, part espionage this book sees two people fall in love while they endeavour to take down a powerful sexual predator and all around dick.

Check out my full review

“about or involving social media

Well this book ticked the prompt for me but unfortunately I didn’t really enjoy it. I just had too many problems with it and I can’t say it’s one I’d recommend. Doesn’t meat it won’t work for you though!

Check out my full review

recommended by your favourite blog

I loved this cute YA which was based on Grease which is one of my all time favourite movies! It was reviewed by Nen and Jen whose review had me putting it on my TBR and I’m glad I did!

Check out my full review

“by a WOC”

Little Fires Everywhere was an emotional but great read. It really got me thinking about a lot of issues of family and parenting and what your actions or inaction can lead to.

Check out my full review

So they are the latest 4 books I’ve read for this challenge. I’ve got a few more I’ve started but I really need to hurry up and get through some of the bigger ones!

You can check in on my progress and my planned books here.

Are you doing the challenge? Link yours below!

Have any recommendations for me for any prompts – I always love to read something recommended! Let me know below!

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