Call Me By Your Name, André Aciman

Call Me By Your Name was not exactly how I expected it would be but it was a really enjoyable read. We first me Oliver the same time Elio does, when the American arrives for a summer at Elio’s families Italian estate. Oliver, an academic, is there to translate his writings into Italian and assist... Continue Reading →

Dymocks Reading Challenge 2020 – Update #4

Hello and welcome to my third update for the Dymocks reading challenge! I am slowly working my way through and have read some books that actually apply to some of the things on the challenge list. Yay me! Still a long way to go and less and less time! If you don't know what this... Continue Reading →

Eleanor & Park, Rainbow Rowell

This little novel is a teen fiction and romance set in the 80’s that follows two kids, unsurprisingly called Eleanor & Park. Set in high school, these kids are living the stereotypical teenage hell, fending off bullies and just trying to get through the day under the radar. But these two have some extra problems... Continue Reading →

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