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Love Creekwood, Becky Albertalli

Love Creekwood is a cute little novella that follows the main Creekwood gang from Love Simon and Leah on the Offbeat. Now I absolutely loved Love Simon and Simon himself was pretty much the main reason for me picking this one up. Leah on the Offbeat wasn’t my favourite but not enough so for me to abandon the author. Read my reviews on the first two if you want to know more, and if you haven’t read those books and plan to, make sure you do so before you pick up this one up as it definitely is not a stand alone!

“I can’t wait to forget what missing you feels like.”

So Love Creekwood takes place after the two previous books when our Creekwood gang are in their first year of college. We mainly spend our time with Simon, Bram, Leah and Abby and the whole novel is 100% epistolary meaning it is all written in text form, e.g. letters, emails, texts etc. No dialogue or prose whatsoever.

“Simon, let me be clear: I miss you. I think about you. I’m in love with you. Happiness is a shifting variable, but those are my constants.”

Generally speaking I love this format, and I think for this novella it worked well. The general premise here is following the two relationships as the journey into a college environment, with a definite focus on Simon. Simon and Bram are at different Universities and struggling with their time apart and what it means for their future. Meanwhile Leah and Abby could not be closer, having managed to share a room on the dorms and dive head first into a full on relationship.

So there are letters, emails and texts between all these four and some of the side characters as they keep in touch and help each other get through this new change in their lives! Again Simon and Bram where my hands down favourites – no surprises there!

“When we say we want to freeze time, what we mean is that we want to control our memories. We want to choose which moments we’ll keep forever. We want to guarantee the best ones won’t slip away from us somehow. So when something beautiful happens, there’s this impulse to press pause and save the game. We want to make sure we can find our way back to that moment.”

Overall Love Creekwood is a short sweetie that’s a pretty solid read if you want to check back in with the gang and what they are up to.

I read this for my Dymocks Reading Challenge prompt “a book you can read in a day”. I don’t think I’ve read any kind of dystopian political satire before. You can check out my progress here.

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  1. Brilliant review! I think you’ve pretty much summed up my feelings for love creekwood haha. It was a very adorable (and quick, I read it in two sittings! Definitely qualified for your reading challenge) read and I liked the opportunity to say goodbye to these characters. Not that I wanted to 😦 Here’s my review of love creekwood 🙂


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