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52 Book Club Reading Challenge 2021 – Update #1

This is my second year taking on reading challenges but the first time I’ve done this one! I find challenges such a great way to help decide what to read next when there are just so many choices, but also, they’re great for getting you to read books you might not have considered before and a large range of genres and styles.

Are you doing this challenge? If you are link it below in the comments!

You can see my progress overall here.

Without further ado, the books I’ve read recently!

a book set before the 17th Century

I really enjoyed this mythological retelling of the Odyssey from Circe’s point of view. It was full of beautiful language and interesting stories – if that’s your thing, pick it up!

Check out my full review

“a book with a selfish character”

There has been a lot of hype around this one and for me it absolutely lived up to it! The characters and world just suck you in and take you on a wild ride.

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a book with multiple character POV

Crazy Rich Asians was so much fun and over the top in the best way. Jumping around to different characters you see all sides and secrets of this crazy and rich family.

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“a book set in a Mediterranean country

Such a sad yet beautiful novel, following two children as they grow up in the midst of war. The language in this one was a stand out and well deserving of the acclaim it’s received.

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“a book you think they should read in schools”

This second novel from Angie Thomas was just as enjoyable as the The Hate U Give. Focusing on a different character and plot, yet capturing the same style and powerful message that I loved so much about THUG.

Check out my full review

So they are the latest books I’ve read for this challenge.

You can check in on my progress and my planned books here.

Have any recommendations for me for any prompts – I always love to read something recommended! Let me know below!

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