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Conventionally Yours (True Colors, #1), Annabeth Albert

Conventionally Yours is a sweet and super cute opposites attract novel about two fantasy gamers falling in love. This slow burn romance takes place when our two gaming guys, who feature on a YouTube channel, find themselves on a road trip across America together, on their way to a big gaming convention where they both... Continue Reading →

Brokeback Mountain, Annie Proulx

Brokeback Mountain is the short story which inspired the pretty famous award winning movie. I haven’t seen the movie yet because I always try to read the books first and based on this read, the movie is definitely on my to watch list! This short story follows Ennis del Mar and Jack Twist, two ranch... Continue Reading →

Love Creekwood, Becky Albertalli

Love Creekwood is a cute little novella that follows the main Creekwood gang from Love Simon and Leah on the Offbeat. Now I absolutely loved Love Simon and Simon himself was pretty much the main reason for me picking this one up. Leah on the Offbeat wasn’t my favourite but not enough so for me... Continue Reading →

The Danish Girl, David Ebershoff

The Danish Girl, is one of those rare times when I read the book after I’d already seen the movie. I didn’t really remember the specifics of the movie other than the fact that I enjoyed it, yet also found it quite sad. So those were my expectations going in, and they are pretty much... Continue Reading →

Only Mostly Devastated, Sophie Gonzales

Only Mostly Devastated is a super cute, Grease inspiring LGBTIA romance that was the exact light-hearted warm read I was looking for. This modern take of one of my favourite movies ever was done really well. It definitely has Grease vibes and elements but it’s not a direct play for play which keeps it interesting... Continue Reading →

Docile, K.M. Szpara

Docile has been the most hyped book of 2020 for me, there’s been a few that have really caught my eye but none more than this novel. With a catchy name, cover and tagline “there is no consent under capitalism”, Docile sure sounded like a winner. Unfortunately for me, despite liking aspects of it… ultimately... Continue Reading →

Hot Head, Damon Suede

This came up as a recommendation to me on Goodreads based on the other MM books I'd read. Upon some further digging saw that it was a "gay for you" trope, basically meaning one or both of characters don't realise or are discovering that they are gay. Usually because they start developing feelings for a... Continue Reading →

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