Lilac Girls, Martha Hall Kelly

Lilac Girls is WW2 novel filling three very different women from three very different places, and cultures throughout the duration of the war and after. This book includes some characters that are based on real people and presents a wide range of view points and perspectives of this major event in world history. We kick... Continue Reading →

The Princess Saves Herself in This One, Amanda Lovelace

Where do I even start with reviewing this one. It’s honestly hard because I’m not really sure what it is I just read! The Princess Saves Herself in This One is sold as a poetry collection that follows a loose overarching story of a young girl growing up. It’s sorted into four sections, the princess,... Continue Reading →

Fling (Wrong #2.5), Jana Aston

Fling is the third book in the Wrong series, following Wrong and Right and well pretty much the main thing I have to say about Fling is why the hell is it a novella?!?! I would have loved this as a full novel so much! This cute little novella follows Sandra, the office assistant who... Continue Reading →

Right (Wrong #2), Jana Aston

Right by Jana Aston is the second book in the Wrong series. It follows the happenings of Everly, who we meet in the first book and overlaps it somewhat so we get some answers to what the hell she was up to during that time. “He smells good. Why does he have to smell good?... Continue Reading →

Summer Skin, Kirsty Eagar

I really wanted to like this one, and in parts I guess I did. I kept on with it as I wanted to see where it was going... Unfortunately my whole vibe with Summer Skin was confusion. I found it really hard to keep track of conversations and what was going on. I found the... Continue Reading →

The Hating Game, Sally Throne

This book has been sitting on my bookshelf for literally years. I found it at a charity shop and bought it because it was $2 and the cover was pretty. Having finally read it I’ve decided I really did get a bargain! The Hating Game start with Lucy and Josh, rivals in their jobs and... Continue Reading →

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