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The Princess Saves Herself in This One, Amanda Lovelace

Where do I even start with reviewing this one. It’s honestly hard because I’m not really sure what it is I just read! The Princess Saves Herself in This One is sold as a poetry collection that follows a loose overarching story of a young girl growing up. It’s sorted into four sections, the princess,... Continue Reading →

Love at First Like, Hannah Orenstein

I really wanted to love this book but unfortunately it wasn’t love, or even like for me. I picked this one up for the social media aspect of it. I like books that feature social media, emailing, texting and the like. It’s usually really fun and adds some different element and banter to novels. I... Continue Reading →

Summer Skin, Kirsty Eagar

I really wanted to like this one, and in parts I guess I did. I kept on with it as I wanted to see where it was going... Unfortunately my whole vibe with Summer Skin was confusion. I found it really hard to keep track of conversations and what was going on. I found the... Continue Reading →

Manwhore, Katy Evans

Manwhore starts off like your normal billionaire playboy book and I'm usually a sucker for these so I was pretty excited going in. I have really liked the other Katy Evans books I've read so this really came as a shock to me.

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