Beat the Backlist Reading Challenge 2021

This is the second time I’m trying the Beat the Backlist challenge hosted by @novelknight and I’m excited because my TBR pile is over 800 books long. Books read have to be published 2020 or before.

Here is my tracking, I’m just going to do it on my own – some book I’ve preplanned (hopefully) which you can see listed as TBR.

I’m adding my own twist on it and I’m going to give myself and extra good feels the longer they’ve been hanging around on my TBR in the from of points. One point for each year I’ve had it on my TBR and the aim is to get 100 points… We’ll see!

I’m also going to give the bingo a go and try and read as many as possible! For this I’m not worrying about if I’m using a book for another prompt based challenge (I’m also doing POPSUGAR’s and 52 Book Club), otherwise I probably wouldn’t have enough backlists to meet the tiles!

My bingo cards

These are all the backlist books I’ve read this year and the points they’ve each earned me.

2012 - eight points each
2016 - five points each

2017 – four points each

2018 - three points each
2019 - two points each
2020 - one point each

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