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The Danish Girl, David Ebershoff

The Danish Girl, is one of those rare times when I read the book after I’d already seen the movie. I didn’t really remember the specifics of the movie other than the fact that I enjoyed it, yet also found it quite sad. So those were my expectations going in, and they are pretty much... Continue Reading →

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, Holly Ringland

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart is a beautiful yet sad novel following Alice over her lifetime from her formative years to becoming her own woman. Set in country Australia, this novel is full of lush landscapes, small town communities, and the history of her family and aboriginal heritage. Born into a family plagued by... Continue Reading →

A Man Called Ove, Fredrik Backman

This book was unlike anything other I’ve ever read and it was wonderful. Telling the story of a cranky old man, this novel switches between the past and the present day in the life of Ove. When Ove’s wife dies, he decides he’s had enough of this life without and sets out to join her... Continue Reading →

Ask Again, Yes, Mary Beth Keane

What a book, what a book! I don’t really know how to feel after that one, but I do know it was a fantastic read. Ask Again, Yes follows the stories of two families, who’s lives become intertwined when the rookie cops move their families into adjacent houses in the suburbs of New York. Francis... Continue Reading →

The Simple Wild, K.A. Tucker

Ok so… I absolutely devoured this book pretty much in a couple of hours. I picked it randomly after seeing it all over the book world, not knowing what it was about. And I’m so glad I did. The Simple Wind tells the story of slightly superficial but still down to earth Calla who goes... Continue Reading →

The Friend Zone, Abby Jimenez

The Friend Zone was a lot heavier of a book than I was expecting to be honest. With a title like that I’m envisioning some laughs, some angst and some steam… and that was delivered but with an unexpected side of emotions that really hit me in the feels. In The Friend Zone Kristen and... Continue Reading →

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