The Worst Best Man, Mia Sosa

The Worst Best Man has a super cute cover, a fun sounding premise, and is own voices for Latina American, but it is a book I wanted to like more than I did to be honest. It wasn’t bad, just very middle of the road for me and is probably one that I will struggle... Continue Reading →

POPSUGAR Reading Challenge 2020 – Update #3

This is my third update for my Popsugar reading challenge and almost half way through the year! I think I'm going ok but I'm also predicting I will have to be much more regimented in my second half of the year reading so I can smash this challenge! Are you doing this challenge? If you... Continue Reading →

Love at First Like, Hannah Orenstein

I really wanted to love this book but unfortunately it wasn’t love, or even like for me. I picked this one up for the social media aspect of it. I like books that feature social media, emailing, texting and the like. It’s usually really fun and adds some different element and banter to novels. I... Continue Reading →

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