Kiss an Angel, Suzanne Elizabeth Phillips

Kiss an Angel is one of those books that’s sat unassuming on my to be read list for years. With a cover that’s not particularly exciting I’ve passed it over time and time again. I have always tried to get down the amount of books on my to be read list, like I’m sure many... Continue Reading →

Boss Man Bridegroom, Meghan Quinn

I loved, loved, loved Boss Man Bridegroom, it was everything I didn’t know I was looking for when I picked it up. I picked it for the POPSUGAR reading challenge 2020 prompt “a book you picked because the title caught your attention” and when I was scrolling through my TBR and read that title I... Continue Reading →

Wrong (Wrong #1), Jana Aston

This fun little romance hits the sweet spot if you’re looking for something light and full of laughs. Aston does something that I love, which is make her female characters really weird. In different ways from each other but weird none the less. “I have a lot of fantasies about Luke based on nothing more... Continue Reading →

Inappropriate, Vi Keeland

This new one by Vi Keeland hits the spot if you’re after an office romance with a sprinkle of extra drama. When Ireland is fired from her job for a video she was tagged in on her private social media she promptly gets drunk and tells the CEO or “bosses, bosses, boss”, exactly what she... Continue Reading →

Faker, Sarah Smith

I was really hoping Faker would be a huge winner for me. That cute cover and the fact that I also work in construction, a male dominated industry had me thinking this could be right up my alley, unfortunately it let me down. We follow Emmie, self-proclaimed “faker” who hates her gorgeous but assholey co-worker.... Continue Reading →

Well Met, Jen DeLuca

What a gem of a novel. This one just serves up absolute cuteness with a healthy side of nerd and it’s exactly what I needed in my life. Well Met is a perfect romcom-esque set around a small towns Renaissance Faire. “I didn’t choose the wench life, the wench life chose me.” Emily is your... Continue Reading →

Waiting for Tom Hanks, Kerry Winfrey

Waiting for Tom Hanks really had me right where it wanted me. I was sucked in from that title and the first couple of paragraphs sealed the deal. I just related with it. So much. It’s not literally about Tom Hanks but about the idea and unattainable standard he represents.  This is a rom com... Continue Reading →

The Hating Game, Sally Throne

This book has been sitting on my bookshelf for literally years. I found it at a charity shop and bought it because it was $2 and the cover was pretty. Having finally read it I’ve decided I really did get a bargain! The Hating Game start with Lucy and Josh, rivals in their jobs and... Continue Reading →

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