Unfixable, Tessa Bailey

I really wanted to like this one! I read it off the back of loving Fix Her Up, my first Tessa Bailey book. But I can only rate this one as good not great. “It’s inevitable, Willa. We are inevitable. When you stop fooling yourself, come find me.”  Willa, our damaged heroine jumps at the... Continue Reading →


Hot Head, Damon Suede

This came up as a recommendation to me on Goodreads based on the other MM books I'd read. Upon some further digging saw that it was a "gay for you" trope, basically meaning one or both of characters don't realise or are discovering that they are gay. Usually because they start developing feelings for a... Continue Reading →

Bad Apple, Elle Kennedy

I love pretty much everything Elle Kennedy writes, and Bad Apple was no exception. This is a re-release for her, she’s taken an old story (Midnight Encounters) she just got the rights back for and reworked it into Bad Apple. I haven’t read the original so I can’t comment on the changes but I really... Continue Reading →

Fool Me Once, Nicole Williams

Unfortunately… I was not a fan of Fool Me Once. It just didn’t pull me in. I am always wary of opening second chance romances. It’s probably one of my least favourite romance tropes. I’m not sure why that is. Maybe because I feel cheated, like I’m missing out on the good half of the... Continue Reading →

Well Met, Jen DeLuca

What a gem of a novel. This one just serves up absolute cuteness with a healthy side of nerd and it’s exactly what I needed in my life. Well Met is a perfect romcom-esque set around a small towns Renaissance Faire. “I didn’t choose the wench life, the wench life chose me.” Emily is your... Continue Reading →

Two Weeks Notice, Whitney G.

It’s no surprise to me (or probably anyone that reads my reviews/blog) that I'd love Two Weeks Notice as it is basically a mix of three of my all-time favourite romance tropes. Office romance and slow burn, being the obvious one and the other I’d tell you but then I’d spoil it! “With a boss... Continue Reading →

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